State of the Brooks Union

I rolled over in bed and whispered to my husband last night, “I think this may be the best time of our lives.” The idea that my statement could be true, thrilled and terrified me. Context: our three boys were near us in the neighboring bed, on the floor...
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(For my Kids) One More White Perspective: Everyday Conversations about All-the-Time Racism

Today I was going to write about self-care beyond manicures, but I decided to bump that post to tomorrow. I planned to talk about meditation, journaling, and whatnot and I was hoping to skip over the vile stuff happening in Charlottesville, Virginia- USA this weekend....
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Space for love- for Brian

I stretch out my hand to pat Brian who sits one seat away on the airplane. Somehow his strategy to sit in the back of the plane has afforded us an empty seat on both legs of our trip to Costa Rica. Instead of sitting cozily together, he enjoys his aisle seat and I...
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Mistakes and Grace for Traci

I make a lot of mistakes. All the time. Lately it’s been missing scheduled phone calls. I’m not sure if it’s the time zone or my inability to keep track of passing time in our new country. Either way, I feel like crap every time I stand someone up. My mistakes are not...
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To Kasha- City Girl Goes to Central America, Meets Cow

My connection to cows can be summed up with one word: limited. For my first 31 years, I would eat beef and drink milk and see my bovine brethren in-person at the annual Pennsylvania Farm Show. Even as a child, I was well-aware that the humans who brought the beef...
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To Jenny from Costa Rica

I promised you a blog post today and I thought about it all day. All day. I wonder why I haven’t written before sunset. What was I avoiding? Your blog from Buenos Aires featured moments that filled me with a genuine connection to your experience and the bigger...
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I Need Junk Food And So Do You

Marlene Schwartz talks about our need to eat junk food. It’s pretty messed up.
Let’s start with rats. Rats are our friends when it comes to understanding the power of junky junk food. When rats have their rat chow and they eat what they need and they don’t overdo it. Give those same rats some Oreos and Cheetos and suddenly they have very little impulse control. They eat and eat and eat. Hello, fat rat! Even when the regular rat chow is available, the rat chooses the high fat, high salt, high sugar snacks.
What does that mean for me as a mom, a woman, a shopper, and a mammal who shares a lot of instinctual tendencies with a rat?

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 So people tell you that you should share your story…

You keep thinking about writing a book.

The ideas pop up at random times. 

It’s scary to think that you could write a book. 

Who would read it? How do you start? How many pages should it be? Should you self-publish or find an agent and look for a traditional publishing house? When will you have time to write?

Will writing a book be awesome…or terrifying?

Truth? I have heard all of these questions and I can help you answer each one so that you feel confident and happy moving forward.

And it’s not one or the other; it’s going to be awesome and terrifying!

If you’ve been hearing the nudges and whispers and outright requests to write a book, then you might want to come to terms with the fact that this is the year your voice, your pen, and your purpose finally align to produce a book. Your book will connect you with people who need your message?

For real!

At this point you might feel more scared than excited. That’s completely normal!

Just remember you have me and my crew here to guide and support you every step of the way.

I believe your story should be shared and I am confident that you can complete your book this year!

Let’s talk specifics for a moment:

I’m Amy R Brooks, and I created VoicePenPurpose for YOU!

VoicePenPurpose offers:


Once your draft is finished, we can help with:


3 benefits to writing your book THIS year:

PEACE: You will get clear on YOUR mission and vision as you up-level your business.

POWER: Your mindset will be transformed after you complete your book; your confidence will soar and you will attract your tribe.

PROFIT: Your future clients will have a way to connect with you and learn about your outlook before they start working with you.

I’m ready to work in partnership with you to make your book dream a reality.

My goal is to ensure your Voice, your Pen, and Your Purpose are in complete alignment!

If you’ve been hearing the whispers and nudges…don’t WAIT! 
Watch this video to hear what you should do next. #CostaRica