Why did I decide to become an author, then a ghostwriter, then a book coach, and now a publisher?

Amy R Brooks

Amy R Brooks

Founder of VoicePenPurpose, LLC


Great question!

(Yes, I know that I just asked that question, but I'm still going to answer it.)

I created VoicePenPurpose™ Consulting & Publishing to support wannabe authors while they work on their first book. I took a winding road to get here, but it actually worked out perfectly!

Going through this winding path to get where I am today may seem strange, but it’s actually helped me better serve my clients.


  • As an author, I lead by example. I have completed the process of taking an idea, organizing it into a structure that appeals to readers, and lovingly editing and revising it. I know it’s not a quick or easy process, but I like the challenge and all the learning that comes with each new book I birth.
  • After I wrote my first book, I decided I wanted to ghostwrite books for women who had a story to share but didn’t have the time, interest, and/or ability to complete a book on their own. After ghostwriting four books, I can say the experience is amazing. I feel so honored to hold the space for amazing storytellers to connect with the souls who need their wisdom.
  • Now there is NO QUESTION that I adore book coaching. After teaching English for 16 years, it’s such a pleasure to engage people of all ages in the thrill of written expression. You’ll see me coaching wannabe authors at free library workshops, groups of people at leadership events, online in paid and pro bono groups, and with one-on-one clients around the world.
  • I ended up forming my publishing company by default. At some point, I realized I’d met so many wonderful writers that I wasn’t ready to leave…yet. I told them I’d help them publish ONE TIME and then they’d have to go out into the world and be a little bit bigger, bolder, and braver than they’d ever been before. They have been doing it. One after the other after the other. It’s pretty fun to witness all this expansion!

Things have been going well and I have had to continually add services as the scope of my business has rapidly expanded. As the provider for several financially-dependent preteens, I am thankful for the connections I’ve made and happy to be busy. I happily work with soulful entrepreneurs, leaders, organizers, and survivors who know their message but need help translating that message to their audience in book form. There are a lot of you out there!



“Working with you was a huge turning point in my life and in my book’s life.  You got me and you basically gave me permission to be real and be huge in the world through publishing a book.”

Kelly Smith

Author, Jane in the Jungle

“I felt complete trust talking to you. I still remember our first conversation- I felt so open telling you about my story even though we’d never talked before! You inspired me and gave me that extra little confidence that I’ve so needed for a while now. You gave me amazing ideas about what I can do with my book. Now I’m a published author and I realize the possibilities are endless!”

Maribel Rubio

Author, Sangre Matriarca

“She’s amazing! In under an hour, Amy helped uncover not just one book, but a trilogy with a plan for HOW to make it happen. Wow!”

Tepsii Thendo Lufuno Tshikororo

Soon-to-be Author

Even if you’ve had success with website copy or blog posts, a book requires a whole new set of skills. Sorry (not sorry) about that truth bomb. Don’t sweat it, though, it’s my job to meet the needs of each new author (you!) as they incorporate their book into their business plan, lifestyle, and higher purpose.

In addition to writing services, VoicePenPurpose also offers editing and publishing packages so you don’t have to spend more time looking for editors, graphic designers, illustrators, formatters, publishers, or media managers. My hope is that every new author can write a book to expand their message and wisdom to a wider circle of readers and create a bolder impact on the world. I attract really cool people to my team. Everyone is determined to help you comfortably step into a bigger, bolder, braver life.

As a former English teacher, the current mother of three high-energy boys, and the author of Stuff Your (Super) Mom Forgot to Tell You, Stuff (First-time) Authors Need to KnowSpiritual Detox for Divas, and the editor of Stuff I’ve Never Told Anyone, I am super familiar with the struggle associated with writing and publishing while juggling other roles. I’m insanely (annoyingly) passionate about books, but I understand that writing a book isn’t always fun. Sometimes it can even be a bit of a bummer and feel like an overwhelming project.

Everyone I bring to your book project at VoicePenPurpose is committed to being by your side through the uncertainty and fear that will inevitably pop up during the writing journey. From our initial conversation through book promotion, you will be surrounded by experts who have successfully helped other new authors just like you! They are, in a word, freaking awesome. (okay, I used two words, but that adjective was totally necessary)


So, let’s do this. Let’s say goodbye to hoping you have time one day to write your book. Let’s start taking the individual steps that will lead to the collective power that comes from creating a polished and permanent book. It is a sacred space you empower to hold your ideas so that you can step into your life’s purpose as an energized being ready to fulfill your purpose.


I’m ready to help you live a…