This post is for me because I like doing things (like blogging) with friends. Solo work is not really my style. I’m always most excited when I get to work with others on book projects, retreats, and other literary endeavors.

Let’s recap my recent blogging experience. Six days ago, my sister-in-law asked me via text why I wasn’t blogging about my time in Costa Rica. I didn’t have a good answer, so instead of making excuses, I vowed to start the next day. I don’t know when I decided I should create a new blog post each day for two weeks, but that goal materialized at some point. So far, I have posted five pieces on my webpage and on my personal FB page (I’m counting this as #7), and I’m determined to keep going until I hit the lucky number 14. I’ve never consistently blogged before, so I didn’t realize how challenging this would be while dealing with rogue cows, broken down cars, three different school schedules, in-person meetings and online clients. I also, kind of, need to be in the mood to get started. I’ve discovered that a glass of red wine (only one!) significantly helps with this last hurdle.

What does any of this have to do with you? I JUST realized that this daily practice of blogging has allowed me to play around with my writing voice and style. When I’ve written books for myself or others, this level of whimsy was not an option. Normally you pick a genre, an audience, a voice, and a structure and you stick with it from start to finish. My blog posts have ranged from my thoughts on meat-eating, the power of rain, to autobiographical reflections on my marriage…and other stuff I can’t remember right now. It’s been really fun exercise to see what resonates with me right now. It also be should be noted that I’ve been dabbling in several new book concepts and I think this is a great way to get clarity around those projects.

This is all relevant to you because I want you to consider how blogging could strengthen your creative muscles. Blogging might be the perfect way for you to have fun with writing before you commit to a book project…or any other project! If you’re already working on a book, you could introduce blogging as a public process journal of sorts. It would allow you to reflect on your writing process, your progress, and your “a-ha moments” along the way. You could also consider blogging about a topic or area of personal growth that has nothing to do with your daily life or current book project. You could use blogging to explore a different side of you that would give you a sense of expansion and balance in your life. No one said your real name needs to be on it, so feel free to choose a pen name and go wild with posts about your sexy insights or your life-long obsession with pasta.

I’ve decided to make this a free, 7-day challenge. If all goes well, it will be a fun way to get your fingers typing and your throat chakra (the hub of your true voice) spinning.

I’m going to kick this thing off on Monday, August 14th.

Without over-thinking it… are you in??

Between now and Monday, I will help you get some clarity around what you will write about and where you will post it. If you’re ready to jump-start your creative energy, join the 7-day Blog Challenge HERE:

After you sign-up, you’ll get emails about platforms that you can join and how to share your daily musings. I’ll also give you tips to go from writer’s block to writer’s flow. Starting Sunday, I’ll offer a “roll the dice” option each day. What’s that? It’s when I tell you what to write about! Eek- fun!

I also have some prizes for those who participate, but I’ll tell you about that in upcoming emails (which you’ll get if you sign-up)!

Leave a comment below or email me at with any ideas/suggestions/questions!

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