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Let’s Start Your Children’s Book NOW!

Recently I posted a simple question on Facebook to see if anyone I knew had thought about creating a children’s book. Folks left comments in the thread, pm’d me, texted and even called. ?

Apparently a lot of you have a children’s book on your bucket list!

My name is Amy R Brooks and I have coached tons of authors who knew that they had a message, but weren’t sure how that would show up in actual words, sentences, and paragraphs. They REALLY weren’t sure how to incorporate dialogue, imagery, or conflict in a way that felt compelling.

I can bust through all of those “problems” and get you writing with ease and flow.

I am amazed how many of you have a WONDERFUL concept and some clarity around the age range and reading level of your audience, but many of you didn’t know how to start the writing process. Others had written things out, but didn’t know how to handle illustrations. Others said that since they didn’t know how to publish, they didn’t even bother to start! Eek!

Let’s address all of those super-legit book concerns:

It has been done before and will be done again.

If others can write, illustrate, and publish…YOU can, too!!!

I had been marinating on a book idea for a few months. I knew the layout I wanted and, in general, what I wanted to say. In a half hour with Amy, we had come up with a title for my book, and outline of the preface, and the topics or titles for 8 chapters. It was fun and exciting and feels completely doable to write this book now. Amy is fun and warm and engaging. It’s worth your time (and money) to work with her to move your project forward! Nikki Tobias

Life Coach & Business Consultant

Children’s book author, Debbie Danko Appelman and I have created a 6-week course to get you from book idea to completed book draft in your hands. You will have all the information you need to take the next step to illustrate on your own or work with an illustrator. You can self-publish or submit your idea to an agent and go the traditional publishing route.

Debbie Appelman
Children’s Book Author

We will talk about how you show up online during and after our 6 weeks together. Getting the word out is half the battle! We want EVERYONE to know how cool your book will be even before it’s finished!

Six weeks is not a long period of time, so we will be ripping and running through A LOT of material so that you can be published by the summertime. Debbie has been through it all and wants to tell you EVERYTHING she learned along the way. She is an open book. *lame pun*

I loved working with Debbie because she was so committed to each step of her book project. I’m really excited that she can share her first hand experiences (as a writer and illustrator!) with each participant in our online workshop. Her patience is unmatched and her problem-solving skills are exactly what first-time authors need when navigating the creative writing process.

Writing a children’s book can be challenging, but we will be by your side each step of the way.There is no need to feel like you are stuck with a suitcase of great ideas and an equally big bag of doubt.

Children’s series are so smart, by the way.

Once Debbie and I help you through the process one time, you can do it again and again and again! Get guidance on book #1 and then use that muscle memory to carry you through book #2-5.

Beyond series, we will teach you marketing tricks throughout the course, as well. There is no reason you should feel like your book is a random entity. We’ll show you how you can integrate it into the business or lifestyle you already have.

Children’s books have a lot of moving parts (darn illustrations!), but they do have the potential for longevity in your life and career. There’s so much potential for income, speaking opportunities, or just a family keepsake.

Our 6-weeks of co-creation starts April 25th. You’ll get clarity around your topic, book’s focus, reading audience, story development, production, and publication.

If you’ve read all the way to this point, then I know you’re interested in writing a children’s book now (or know someone who might be).

6 Weeks / 6 Modules ($333)

 ONE: Micro/Macro Mindset

 TWO: Character Creation

 THREE: Story Development

 FOUR: Illustrating

 FIVE: Proofing and Polish

 SIX: Publishing (Traditional vs. Self)

Have you ever thought about being a children’s author but never thought it really could happen? Well that was me. I was a teacher for 16 years and used to write my own books for my children when they were little in composition books. I never imagined that I would have my own published book, but I am here and thrilled! I did not know where to start, but I decided to make the commitment and that made the difference. I took an online class with Amy, my writing coach, and questions got answered. She fostered all of the things I knew and taught me what I didn’t. I thought there is no one way, but Amy helped me learn my way to writing. I learned how to schedule time, create writing behaviors, find available resources, attract publishing options, and implement marketing strategies.

Debbie Appelman

Children's Book Author

So what’s next?

Well… we are going to open rolling registration which means you can register from March 26th-April 23rd or until we sell out.

Are you ready to hold your first children’s book in your hands? Can you see yourself signing your books at schools and libraries and bookstores? ?

I hope so, but if you are still on the fence, check out what some of the cool folks I’ve worked with in the past have to say:

Amy Brooks knows her stuff! As a first-time author, I really appreciated being a part of her programs. The combination of coaching/mentoring and sharing knowledge is priceless! Trina Ramsey

Women's Confidence Coach

Amy Brooks’ class for first-time authors gave me the motivation, confidence, accountability and guidance to go from first word to published book in hand in six months. Thanks to Amy, I can now call myself a published author! Beth Tancredi

Author of "Pursuing My Wonderful"

Amy is very strategic in her book planning methods. She makes sure that your platform serves your audience. My book idea went from a thought, to an actual 1st rough draft in two months. I felt supported to kick some ass and execute my goals with Amy. Eugenie George

Author of "Type Awesome"

Amy helped my book Rise Up, Shine On become a reality. I love being a published author and helping women around the world! Leann Rhodes

Author of Rise Up, Shine ON

Ever since our first conversation, I have been thinking about how my book would be. You have given me confidence that my secret dream could be a reality! Thank you for believing in me! Jonathan Bodrick

Fashion Designer

Amy helped me with editing, publishing, and promoting my book. The Potluck Blueprint is my part of my purpose during my lifetime. I’m so glad I found Amy!

Lady Rhonda

Author of The Potluck Blueprint

Is it time for you to

  • live a little bigger?
  • take a risk?
  • make a move?
  • bust out of your routine?

Guess What?!

Bonus stuff below:

The first folks to register will get some amazing bonuses before the course even begins!

We plan to limit the amount of participants in this round so that we can provide an individualized experience with lots of specific support for each soon-to-be author.

Are you ready?

If NOW is the time to write your children’s book, Debbie and I are ready to support you every step of the way. We know the steps and we know how to utilize resources that will make your book real. Like really real. Like hold it in your hands and read to kids you love.

Let’s do This!

The sooner you join, the sooner you will have access to me and Debbie!

Registration CLOSES Sunday, April 23rd!!!


*only $333 for 6 weeks of guidance, support, resources!!!

I loved [working with Amy]. The class was extremely organizing. It helped me put everything in perspective, into a timeline, and I was able to take the stories in my head and organize them into something great. Laken

age 12

And one last thing…Debbie and I are excited. Just watch this video we made while planning together! #enthusiastic

Oh, and be sure to share this 6-week workshop with someone who has a story to share so you can get a writing buddy in the process! #love