I used to think that rain was what ruined a great day. Now I can see how it’s the foundation of great days in the tropics. Things get hot and heavy without the relief of a daily downpour. Literally, heavy skies pregnant with precipitation. My hair strands separate and protest. Things get frizzy quickly. Sweat gathers and doesn’t dissipate. You become aware of your breath. Time slows as does your stride. You reconsider athletic endeavors.

The air says wait. You wait.

And then the sun hides. The clouds turn from fluffy white to ominous gray and then to charcoal black. The day recedes and it suddenly looks like late evening even though it’s still mid-afternoon.

You hear thunder and realize it’s coming. The rain is coming.

It goes from black sky to endless downpour in an instant. In that God-snap moment, the air goes from humid to saturated. Everything is wet. Everything.

Water goes where it wants to go. It makes new pathways in the earth and flows under, around, and through man-made interruptions like roads, sidewalks, and bridges. Nature decides what stays and what goes.

And it rains on.

Relief fills the air you breathe and removes the weight of it all. Rain cleanses. Rain allows life to rebound.

The plants receive it all and as the last drop falls, they blossom bigger than before. The humans (and my hair) seem normal again. Sweat evaporates again. The air is more oxygen than water again.

The world is cool and ready to grow thanks to the blessed rain.