Why did I decide to become an author, then a ghostwriter, then a book coach, and now a publisher?

Amy R Brooks

Amy R Brooks

Founder of VoicePenPurpose, LLC


Great question!

(Yes, I know that I just asked that question, but I'm still going to answer it.)

I created VoicePenPurpose™ Consulting & Publishing to support wannabe authors while they work on their first book. I took a winding road to get here, but it actually worked out perfectly!

It’s time for a Full-Service Editor

You wrote your book, but no one has seen it… yet!

Now is the time to get some honest feedback about your message and your book’s structure. You know you want to make it appealing to your ideal reader.

You, my friend, need an editor.

I will read your entire manuscript (up to 35,000 words) and provide content editing, line editing services, AND one-on-one consulting for a month.

What is content editing?

Content editing is when we work through your entire manuscript to get clear on the organization and sequence of your writing. We want your book to make sense to your future readers, so we need to read it all for clarity and flow.

Through that process we will make sure that any confusing concepts and structural errors are fixed.

Got it? So what is line editing?

Line editing is when we focus on the grammar, spelling, and punctuation throughout your work. All necessary edits will be made before you turn the book over to the formatter. No embarrassing typos for you!

Those sound great, so why the weekly coaching sessions?

We will have weekly calls for one month to ensure your book’s message is loud and clear. This requires some conversation and decision making that is much easier during a phone/Skype conversation.

For only $1500, I (and my editing team) will be at your disposal for an entire month to make sure your book is polished and ready for publishing.

You can pay up-front, or in two $760 installments.

Don’t stop marching towards your dream because you don’t know how to take your draft from messy to masterful.

VoicePenPurpose is here to help!

Contact us for more information!