I am a girl. Can I still say that even though I’m 40? My word choice has instantly put me on alert, am I demeaning myself? …but I like the word girl. Lady, female, and woman are fine words, but I still want to use the identifier girl. Today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll introduce myself as a female entrepreneur and then next week I may talk about the power of women-only retreats. I get to decide, so I’m going to embrace my word choice today and get back to the intro.

My first paragraph is extremely relevant to my everyday life. Thinking about words and the power of connotation is the basis for my career. After being an enforcer of language (English teacher) for 16 years, I’m now a published author, book coach, ghostwriter, and retreat developer. I sometimes sum it all up with the term Book Doula, but even that’s tricky. What if you don’t know what a doula actually is? * it’s someone who helps women give birth to humans*

I know that my love of language, stories, and people have combined to help me help others. I specifically help them birth their stories. I mostly help women, so the use of doula especially apt.

Side-note: the blog challenge that started today is an example of birthing stories. Not big novels, movie scripts, or even a short story. This blog challenge is a way for people who want to play with their writing skills and tease out the tools they could use to finally step into their narrative voice. Blogs live somewhere between a lengthy FB post and a published article. A blog is a collection of posts that can be words, images, or a combination of the two. Blogs are so free-form that they are uniquely well-suited to aspiring authors.

Today’s blog will be words. Today will be about how I’m a nice gal who gets her panties in a bunch when she feels like she needs to speak up. Ready?

As a writing coach. I get fired up when people come to me with a desire to write a book and then they abandon it because “life gets in the way.”

As a momma, I go into a rage when my kids don’t make an effort to explore the world and, instead, choose technology over human interaction.

As a wife, I get frustrated when I cannot connect with my husband in conversation the way I truly desire.

As a woman, I get mad when I see other women giving their power away.

As a writer, I get impatient when I starve myself from reading or writing since I’m well-aware that both activities help me grow.

As a US citizen, I get enraged at the excuses we make to avoid making real change in our government that will protect all people.

As an expat in Costa Rica, I am bummed that more of my fellow Americans don’t travel the world or live abroad.

I want to write about all of these panty-bunching topics because it will help me come to terms with why it bothers me so much. I’ve noticed that when I write about things that upset me, I’m often surprised to learn that there is a deeper-rooted value I hold that I feel is being overlooked or even rejected. I want to protect my values so I then feel my negative feelings.

It’s pretty easy to see that I should know better than to feel upset with my kids or other women when I’m also guilty of tech addiction and slinking away from my own power if it feels too risky. I could zip through the above list and make quick connections to my own insecurities, but I’d rather explore them slowly. I’d like meditate, through writing, so I can learn something deeper about myself and how I can support others. Maybe more Americans want to travel, but don’t feel like they can. How could I help them instead of being critical? I am a writer and I know how difficult it can be to balance book development and living life? How can I help my writing clients to bust through blocks or even find easy ways to incorporate writing into their lives?

I know I am a work in progress, but I really like this journey. I like learning and being wrong and working to get more aligned with understanding. I like holding the space for other people while they share and learn and grow. I like talking and watching and laughing and listening. Apparently, I’m also keen on sentences that list a bunch of verbs.

So that’s me. I’m a girl who likes language, stories, and people. I’m on a quest to figure out how I can use these components to live a bigger life.


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