VoicePenPurpose presents
Inspired Writing Workshop

5 Weeks to Aligned Authorship
with Amy R Brooks

“I’ve always known that, as writers, we need support, guidance, and accountability. 
I now understand we need spiritual healing to support our healing and creative expansion. 
I’ve created this course to empower anyone who is ready to fully embrace their voice, pen, and purpose.”
~ Amy
Published Author, Book Doula, Spiritual Assistant

The introductory price for this
5-week course is only $333!

November 22nd- December 20th

~During each online class (Wednesdays from 2-3:30pmEST*), you will learn a new form of meditation for writing, receive belief-clearing work, Sacred Soul and VPP Alignments, and specific assignments to facilitate your inspired writing.
~Throughout the course, you will be supported as you make progress in whatever writing project you want to pursue. Both during our calls and in a private FB group.
~All projects are encouraged: personal journal, book, blog, article, fiction, or non-fiction!
*Group calls will be recorded and posted in FB group.


Week 1- Clearing


We bring any limiting beliefs around writing to the surface to heal and release.

Week 2- Activating

We ignite the spark of creativity that already resides inside of you.

Week 3- Owning
We learn how to embrace the pain, power, and purpose of your story.

Week 4- Developing
We deepen the scope and impact of your message.

Week 5- Presenting
We step into authorship with confidence and clarity.

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“Amy has quietly held space for me as I navigate the writing waters…. her guidance and love show me so much power and grace in telling your story not just for your own healing but to heal others. Amy takes time to hear, to truly listen to the Heart in the story and the pain on the journey. She is, as a woman, daughter, friend, wife, Mother, Author, and Spiritual Divine Goddess being a force of creative nature and I am beyond grateful and blessed she shared her gift of words, guidance, and love with this world! My admiration for her clearly runs deep…. thank you, Amy, for honoring YOUR gifts! BIG gratitude and Reiki love to you, gorgeous girl!” – Maggie

“Amy’s enthusiasm and skill set are a gift for anyone wishing to bring their book to life! She’s witty, sincere, and tough all at the same time- which makes her an awesome-ness coach! She has the ability to see every facet of creating- even when you don’t! Love her!” -Marlene

“If you have no idea where to start, or how to make your book dream a reality, Amy is the best gift you can give yourself. Her workshops are well organized and packed with hands-on opportunities to do the work and receive the feedback you need to propel your book forward.” – TaKisha

“I was grateful I was able to take part in Amy’s writing retreat in Costa Rica. I knew I love to write, but I actually didn’t have plans on writing a book. Little did I know, that suddenly during one of our morning workshops I realized that I too am to write a book. Due to Amy’s encouragement and knowledge about the whole process, I felt totally inspired and supported to commit to this creative endeavor. Thank you, Amy, you are pure magic!” – Johanna

Alignments You Will Receive

Healing Through the Written Word (VPP)

This alignment activates your writing to heal you from a cellular level. Your writing is ripe with insights, connections, and restoration. It will resolve lessons discovered in previous experiences and open your heart to future healthy expansion.

Love Yourself Fully (SSA)

This alignment clears hundreds of unworthiness beliefs and feelings, also clearing out the guilt, fear and shame that can be in the way of fully loving and accepting yourself, replacing this with unconditional love from Creator.

Inspired Writer (VPP)

This alignment allows the spark of creativity to manifest from the heart of Creation and seamlessly merge into your writing. Inspiration will settle into your conscious and unconscious being. You become a beacon of energy and light that attracts the perfect situations and people to you as you create. You find inspiration in all things and make connections to everything that surrounds you.

Owning Your Stories (VPP)

This alignment brings you understanding around the pain, power, and purpose of each chapter in your life. It brings you the knowing that when it comes to your life, your soul, and your stories, there is no shame possible…only wholeness.

Words for Wisdom (VPP)

This alignment reminds you have been chosen to share specific messages that come through you, not from you. You don’t need to dismiss, question, diminish your message. Trust your wisdom. 

Accepting Authorship (VPP)

It’s time for you to become the advocate you have been called to be. This is your call to leadership. You are ready to hold space for your story and to teach and inspire others through writing and sharing publicly.

Own Your Sparkle (SSA)

This aligns you with your own inner sparkle – the unique and special gifts that you alone can offer the world! This also activates the fruit of life in your sacred geometry. Advance with Ease and Joy.

Cleanse and Protect (SSA)

This alignment is THE most powerful way to clear anyone’s energy. It clears entities and attachments, negative energies, hooks and cords. It moves portals that may be open in a person’s home, land, or energy. It resolves oaths, vows and contracts to allow these energies, and beliefs and emotions associated with negative energy. This alignment also places a shield around each individual who is receiving it and their home (going a mile deep underground), the members of their household including pets, their workplaces and vehicles, with an energetic vacuum at the top to send anything negative that comes close to God’s light.

Soul’s Blueprint (SSA)

This alignment downloads your highest blueprint from your Oversoul (or higher self) It will align you with your highest and best path in this lifetime. You may experience a lot of energy during this process. It will help all of the right people, experiences and knowledge to come into your awareness. After receiving this alignment, pay special attention the the dreams and messages and opportunities you receive.

Clarity (SSA)

This alignment brings in clarity about any situation. Focus on the situation you are desiring clarify on while receiving this alignment.

Giving Away Your Power- Activate Your Power (SSA

We give away our power for many different reasons. This alignment resolves oaths, vows and contracts we have made to give away our power for any reason, unworthiness beliefs that are causing us to give our power away, and guilt and resentment related to this. It also brings in and activates our true power and the ability to be safe in our power, to stay in our power, and to use it in the highest and best way.

VPP= VoicePenPurpose Alignments        SSA= Sacred Soul Alignments

*More alignments will be added as needed throughout the 5-week course.