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and NetWEAVING. Don’t miss it!


Writing Retreat

Sunday,  October 29th – Thursday,  November 1st

Starting at $2,500 for an all-inclusive writing getaway! (early-bird pricing)


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Are you ready to…

  • Develop a book that will engage readers and inspire them to action. (woot!)

  • Transform your life through processing and healing your personal blocks. (yes, please!)

  • Create a community where people can question, learn, and grow because of your book. (I’m ready!)

To achieve all of your book dreams, you need to:

-Stop listening to the voice that tells you no one will read your writing!

-Get clear about your voice and audience!

-Design a book map that guides you through your writing instead of trying to “wing it” when you’re in the mood.

LOOK, we know you’ve had good intentions for a while now. But you are so busy with work, family, and other obligations…we get it!

Through all the daily distractions and drama, maybe you still managed to carve out time for journaling. You considered starting a blog. Maybe you took a writing course. Your beautiful journal and new pens get used on occasion, but you really wish you could set aside time to get clear on the entire scope and sequence of your book…or books!

It’s okay that you’ve felt stuck. It’s actually very normal. If it were easy, you would’ve written your book by now. Heck, everyone would’ve written a book by now!

We can help you if…

– You’re a passionate advocate or organizer;

– You’re a soulful entrepreneur;

– Or, you know you have a story that is begging to come out!

Hi, I’m Wendy.

My mission in this world is to empower 24 million #sheroes like you to create your SUPER Ever After–your ultimate dream life.  

I was raised by a hardworking mom in a humble Midwest household in the United States. I knew at the age of 13 that I was called to serve women, girls, and the planet. Because of the clarity of my calling, I’ve repeatedly achieved goals others would call unrealistic or perhaps even impossible. Today, I’m a Master Strategist, a Globe Circler, an International Speaker, a Broadway Producer, and a soon-to-be-published author. I’ve been able to leverage BOTH my books-in-the-works into meaningful conversations with TV and film executives and paid international speaking gigs.

My intention in co-hosting this retreat with Amy is to help you build a big, beautiful strategy or seeds of possibility around YOUR book. I am so thrilled and honored to welcome you to Novels, Nonfiction, and NetWEAVING in Costa Rica! I’m looking forward to the magic we will create there together!

I’m Amy R Brooks, a four-time author, book doula, and collaborative publisher who has helped countless people birth their book through individual coaching, small group programs, ghostwriting, and self-publishing.

I have my BA in Creative Writing and my MA in Instruction. Writing and teaching are my jam! After 16 years of working with teens, I created my signature writing program for adults who are ready to learn the easy steps to planning, composing, and publishing a book that’s 20,000-150,000 words in length! Can you imagine all of your thoughts written out and filling a book?! From my book, Stuff (First-time) Authors Need to Know, to my FB group by the same name, I’m thrilled to share what I’ve learned about the sneaky forms of self-sabotage and ways to combat the dreaded writer’s block. 

I’ve been through everything that you’re experiencing now. I was working full-time, juggling three boys after I picked them up from childcare each day. My husband often worked until 10pm. I was actually running TWO side businesses in the evenings when I had my genius idea to write a book. Why would I do that? Don’t I need to focus on my job and family? Who was I to add one more thing to the To-Do list? These are all super-realistic questions that I asked myself. Every time I had the same answer.

“I have something I want to say that I think will help people. This book is going to help my growing business, my family, and me.”

Honestly, I didn’t know how true those statements were (they turned out to be ON THE MONEY), but I knew that I couldn’t deny my desire to articulate my experiences and reflections in writing.

You may think I’m lying, but before the idea for my first book came to me, I never thought about writing a book before. It wasn’t my childhood dream. I didn’t even want to be a teacher. I started my adult life as a copywriter in an all-female advertising agency in downtown New Orleans (it should be noted that I moved down there from Maryland to be with my man– now husband). I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my overly air-conditioned office, so I started volunteering with children who couldn’t read by 3rd grade. I accidentally loved it and knew my life had to change.

Do you get annoyed when you realize you are passionate about something that will inconvenience your current lifestyle? I won’t speak for you, but when that happens to me, I groan and then pursue it. Once my shiny-new husband and I moved back to Maryland a month after this epiphany, I started substitute teaching and I enrolled in Master’s degree program and then later a Doctoral program focused on Writing and Education. I loved learning how other people process information and how reading and writing can change people’s lives. This, of course, led to that 16-year career I mentioned earlier.

I spent those years in Baltimore City high schools showing teens how to express themselves in essays, short-stories, and poetry. We read literature that inspired, horrified, and awakened understanding in us. We debated character motivation and differing perspectives and we envisioned ourselves in other people’s situations.

 Through books, we learned empathy for others.

Through writing, we learned to have sympathy for ourselves.

I love the power of written word. It changes people. It absolutely alters reality in a way that NO OTHER MEDIUM CAN. We can immerse ourselves in stories. We can travel to different lands and different time periods. We get to imagine ourselves as different genders, ages, and species. Books are the key to the evolution of consciousness. Writing a book is an accelerated portal to self-transformation and healing. Books are magical whether you’re reading them or writing them. 

I have helped countless first-time authors get clear about their book and share the story they were meant to write.

I’m the author of Stuff Your (Super) Mom Forgot to Tell You, Stuff (First-time) Authors Need to Know, Spiritual Detox for Divas, and editor of Stuff I’ve Never Told Anyone in addition to ghostwriting and publishing many other books.

I love being the book doula to all of these stories!

Amy & Wendy

We created this retreat for women like you who have been working hard. We want you to have a place to question, learn, and grow on their own…away from all of the people and organization you support at home. We know these soulful women pretty well. You are already divinely inspired to be loving and inquisitive. You are inclusive and discerning. Writing a book may or may not have been on your mind before, but now you keep getting winks from your higher power that you should pay attention to all of these signs that keep popping up.

You aren’t sure why you’re suddenly thinking about writing a book all the time. You don’t know what the first step would be towards this goal. You’re not even sure you have enough to say to fill a whole book!

Again, we’ve been there. We could have stayed stuck.

Does it sound a little like you?

It’s hard…

It’s hard to feel excited about something that you have no experience with. You don’t know what you don’t know and you don’t want to waste time, money, or effort going down the wrong path. It’s hard to stay positive when you feel like you’re going in circles with your writing, or worse, that you’re stuck before you start.


This retreat is for you if…

– You are ready to get clear on your voice, audience, and message.

– You are open to receiving support from an experienced coach and enthusiastic peers who are at the same place in the writing journey as you are.

– You want to (finally) take the first steps that will ultimately lead to you holding your book in your hands.


We will show you how to own your authorship.
If you’ve never written a book before or thought of yourself as an author,
we will work together to get your mind up to speed with your writing project.
We will get you ready for raving readers, new opportunities,
and a bigger presence wherever you go.



Whether you like it or not, we’re not leaving your side.
We’re going to provide you with guided writing activities, structured group workshopping sessions, and strategies to keep you building momentum.



We love books and we love writers.
We also love revisions, suggestions, and idea sharing.
We are NOT “yes” women. We don’t tell you what you want to hear.
We kindly tell you what you and your book need to hear.
Our goal is to create a culture where the process of writing your book is engaging and ongoing.



We are all bound to hit slumps in any activity we undertake.
The key is to get unstuck as soon as possible.
Through writing rituals and routines we will set you up for success
before you write and with clever tips and tricks up our sleeve (or sundress)
we will demonstrate how you can retrain your brain if you hit a roadblock
when you’re in the middle of writing.

This retreat gives writers a chance to ease into authorship while away from distractions and excuses. We will be surrounded by a secluded ocean horizon while we prepare our minds and bodies (hello, meditation and yoga!) for the development of our message.

By the time you return home you will:

-Bust through negative thoughts that keep you and your voice small. You will learn how to step into your new role as an author.

-Get your mind and heart trained to look forward to your writing routine so that your book will flow from you with ease and joy.

-Forget about your fears around writing, worthiness, and book structure. We need your insights; we need your book!

BIRTH YOUR BOOK IN COSTA RICA isn’t your typical destination retreat. I am going to show you that YOU can transform your life by writing your book and attract ideal readers simply by showing up bravely as yourself! You don’t have to keep your book on your bucket list. It’s time to cross this dream off the list!


  • Confidence in your ability to share your message with an audience of welcoming readers around the world.
  • The strategies to connect with your readers from the first page of your book.
  • The specific writing routines and rituals that excite you, keep you motivated, and keep writing long after you return home.
  • The freedom to expand your business, organization, or range of influence to include more people who are waiting for your wisdom.
  • Completed Preface, Table of Contents, Book Map, several chapters and a template for all future chapters.
  • Details about your Afterword, About the Author, Back Cover Copy, and Press Release.
  • Complete clarity around the pros/cons of self-publishing versus traditional publishing.
  • The mindset to boldly hold the space as the author/creator/mother of your book in any setting so that your readers can look up to you as an expert and leader.
  • Comfort in sharing your book with potential readers everywhere without feeling salesy or pushy.
  • A deeper understanding of how your book has the power to heal your wounds, clarify your vision, and engage your desired audience.
  • Individual and group photo shoot on the beach and in the lush surroundings of the area
  • One-on-one business AND book coaching during the afternoons with Wendy and Amy
  • On-site healing modalities: Reiki, Massage, Yoga

You are READY to birth your book in Costa Rica if…

  • You know you have a message, but you haven’t had success writing it on your own in your “regular” life.

  • You have a passion for books and you understand the power they have to change lives.

  • You’re a go-getter who likes to take action.

  • You appreciate feedback intended for your highest good. You are willing to work alone or with others.

  • You are ready to invest in a getaway that asks more of you than to sit by a pool and drink daiquiri after daiquiri.

  • You are willing to participate in your own success and you will consistently show up to scheduled activities.

  • You understand that you have your own intuition and guides and you don’t expect me to tell you the “right” answer when you’re at a crossroads with your writing.

  • You energetically support other souls and understand the balance of “give and take.”

  • You are open to healing any wounds that have created blocks to your success and happiness.

  • You know you have readers out there who are waiting for your book.
  • You’re open to the benefits of meditation, journaling, and yoga.

You are NOT ready to birth your book in Costa Rica if…

  • You have negative feelings about international travel.
  • You don’t like trying new approaches to see what could work for you.
  • You won’t allow others to support you when you need a boost.
  • You’re not interested in making real, genuine connections with people.
  • You want to talk about your book ideas, but you aren’t willing to actually type words on a page.
  • You don’t have a book idea, you just want to wake-up to Howler Monkeys each morning.
  • You don’t care if your book has a meaningful message, you just want to create a product to promote your latest venture.
  • You give up easily and don’t like things that are challenging.
  • You hate wearing comfy clothes and lounging in outdoor spaces full of light and fresh air.
  • You’re a huge whiner that criticizes people and circumstances so that people can’t stay in a space of peace and gratitude.
  • You demand more of others than you are willing to give.

Sunday, Oct. 29- Thursday, Nov. 2

Accommodations at Hotel Sugar Beach are spacious and airy. They provide both simplicity in their design and integration with the natural beachfront environment that surrounds the property. 

Since the weather is approximately 80 degrees year-round, rooms are cool and comfortable. Pack your yoga pants, swimsuit, shorts, and sundresses. Everything at Sugar Beach supports your natural style and comfortable relaxation.

There are several outdoor work spaces like the yoga/workshop area, that allow you to be connected to the outdoors while remaining dry even during the “green” season.

The Retreat Schedule!

We know that each woman who attends this retreat will arrive with a unique set of skills and strengths. We will meet you where you are and take the time to get to know you so we can make your experience as tailor-made as possible. As a group, we will work with together as listed below….

Sunday, October 29th

12 noon– begin retreat check-in, explore the area, rest, read, get to know one another

6pm– opening dinner and welcome circle

 Monday, Oct. 30- Thursday, Nov. 2nd

6am: sunrise meditation and journaling

7am morning yoga

8am: local, freshly prepared breakfast

9am-1pm: writing workshops- group coaching, 1:1 support, pair work, and independent “burst” writing

1pm-6pm: high-energy lunch and then free-time for resting, reading, exploring, guided excursions, massages, and independent writing

6:30pmhomemade, locally-sourced dinner and group discussion of challenges and successes

Note: Closing lunch on Thursday will wrap-up our structured group work, but you are welcome to continue your stay or explore the region at your leisure. Let me know if you want more information about local attractions or ways to extend your reservation.

*A detailed “What to Bring” list will be provided upon registration!

*For questions or concerns, please email me at

Exclusive EARLY-BIRD PRICE is only $2500
until Sept. 15th or until we sell-out!


Healing Environment

Align with nature as you leave your usual routine behind.


Guided Instruction

Receive support around mindset, planning, and writing.

Organized Template

Transform all of your ideas into a structured book map.

Let’s be honest, if writing your book was easy you would have done it already. 

It’s not easy, and that’s not your fault!

  Our lives are full of distractions and conflicting priorities. When you enter the healing environment of Costa Rica and the rainforest environment of Nuevo Arenal, you can align with nature as you leave your usual tendencies behind.

  During your 5 days and 4 nights of the BIRTH YOUR BOOK WRITING RETREAT, you will be guided through each step of the book “birthing” process. You will receive support around your mindset as a soon-to-be author, book planning, and content writing.

  By the time you leave, you will have transformed your separate ideas into an organized template that will guide you from the Preface to the Afterword. You will design your own story map that you will be excited to follow once you return home and back to your everyday routine.

  You will also have a deep understanding of your book’s message and how it will support you as you step deeper into your life’s purpose. Another (super awesome) benefit of retreats AND writing a book is that you have access to personal healing that is almost impossible to find elsewhere. Through daily meditation, yoga, journaling, and preparing for your book writing, you will come to terms with your limiting beliefs or negative blocks. Excavating them while in a serene locale surrounded by support and far away from usual commitments, you will have an opportunity to embrace a “new normal” around your past, your fears, and any shame you have been carrying.

Your transformation is both magical and possible.



We’ll be there every step of the way to make sure you have…

-safe transport from the Liberia Airport to our retreat only steps from the Pacific Ocean and welcoming, warm sands.

-clean, peaceful accommodations to support your rest and relaxation

-the best writing tools and strategies

-structured guidance to get words on the page

-a winner’s mindset to confidently own your message

-an attitude of gratitude through meditation and yoga

-cuisine that will nourish your body AND energize you for focused creativity.

-breaks and (optional) excursions that will refuel you AND inspire you.

-comprehensive information about every single step of the writing and publishing process


    Here’s what you’ll get IN ADDITION TO the retreat:
  1. Two, 40-minute Group Calls (October 9 and October 21) so you can get to know one another AND ask any questions that may be on your mind about the logistics of travel, expectations of the retreat, or anything that pops up! [$250 value]
  2. One, 30-minute Individual Call with Amy or Wendy to clarify your goals and concerns about your book before we meet up in the tropical environment of Costa Rica. [$197 value]
  3. Two, 60-minute Group Coaching Calls (September 10 and October 10) to share progress and cheer each other on. [$350 value]
  4. Facebook Sisterhood– Access to an intimate and exclusive FB group where I’ll be interacting with you before and after the retreat. You’ll find support, celebration, and feedback from other ladies as well. [priceless]

– Plans and Pricing –

Everything that you will need is taken care of once you step off the plane at the Liberia airport! You will be picked up by an insured driver and delivered right to our ocean-front retreat. Your airport transport, accommodations, meals, writing workshops, daily yoga, and other benefits listed below are included in your BIRTH YOUR BOOK RETREAT package.

****** 5 days/ 4 nights ******

Sunday, October 29- Thursday, November 2nd

Consider coming the weekend before or staying the weekend after the retreat to enjoy more time in Costa Rica!

Also, look into purchasing travel insurance in addition to your airfare.

hurry, hurry, hurry! All-inclusive and starting at only $2,500

Registration for this retreat CLOSES Saturday, October 7, 2017 at midnight.

Registration Closes October 7th at midnight!








What Past Clients and Retreat Participants Have Said:

“I was grateful I was able to take part in Amy’s writing retreat in Costa Rica. I knew I love to write, but I actually didn’t have plans on writing a book. Little did I know, that suddenly during one of our morning workshops I realized that I too am to write a book. Due to Amy’s encouragement and knowledge about the whole process, I felt totally inspired and supported to commit to this creative endeavor. Thank you, Amy, you are pure magic!” Johanna Harmala

Owner, Living Forest Center

“Amy Brooks’ course for first-time authors gave me the motivation, confidence, accountability and guidance to go from first word to published book in hand in six months. Thanks to Amy, I can now call myself a published author!”

Beth Tancredi

Author of Pursuing My Wonderful

“I felt complete trust talking to you. I still remember our first conversation- I felt so open telling you about my story even though we’d never talked before! You inspired me and gave me that extra little confidence that I’ve so needed for a while now. You gave me amazing ideas about what I can do with my book. Now I’m a published author and I realize the possibilities are endless!”

Maribel Rubio

Author of Sangre Matriarca

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have have a room to myself?

Yes, you get to choose the level of luxury you’d like! If you’d like to share a room, I will offer you a discount of $300 off whatever room you prefer. This offer depends on having another participant who also wants a roommate. Room sharing is ideal for friends who are traveling together and would like to both save money by staying together.

What is your refund policy?

I cannot reimburse travel costs or accept financial liability for other losses incurred by you in the event of cancellation either by us or you for any reason whatsoever. You are strongly advised to take out flight/travel insurance to cover potential loss arising from cancellation or other eventuality affecting your booking. You should check that any policy you take meets your needs. In the unlikely event that we must at any stage cancel this retreat for any reason whatsoever, all participants will be offered a full refund of the ‘writing workshop’ fees, and the option to reschedule to a future writing retreat or the chance to proceed with the trip independently. Our liability shall then cease. 

How do I sign up for a payment plan?

Simply click on the “Register Now” and you will have access to all four payment options or email me at

Can I go on excursions to explore the area around the retreat center?

Yes, you can sign up for afternoon excursions (waterfalls, hot springs, restaurants, etc) each day at a small additional cost or you can choose to read, write, and relax at the retreat center.

Can I use wifi or my cell phone?

There is free wi-fi available at the retreat center and you can use your cell phone when we are not in session. Please contact your mobile phone service and find out what your plan covers while you’re in Costa Rica.

Don't Be Shy!

If I didn’t answer all of your questions above, feel free to drop me a line anytime.

– Amy, founder of VoicePenPurpose, LLC