Spiritual Healing for Writing

with Amy R Brooks

If you feel called to stop trying and start allowing, you’re in the perfect place…

I’m really looking forward to our time together. With this type of spiritual healing work, you are giving yourself the gift of SLOWING down. In this busy-centric world, we all need more of that. #slowasyougo
For a 1:1 session, we will meet (audio-only) on Zoom.us. It’s a super-easy platform for international calls since I live in Costa 
Rica. See the blue buttons below. 

If you chose an individualized meditation recording, I’ll ask you some questions via GoogleDoc so that I can prepare the clearing, healing, and alignments that will best serve you. It’s recommended to listen to the recording daily or as needed for at least a week. It’s perfect for bedtime listening. See the green buttons below.

For either healing session, you’ll need to be in a quiet space with headphones. Ideally, you’ll be able to sit or lie down without interruption. Please wear comfy clothes and have a glass of water, your journal, and a pen within arm’s reach. 
– Amy R Brooks

“Amy Brooks created a personalized meditation for myself as a writer. As someone who seeks to expand my whole process of writing and opening to an increased income flow, it was so precisely what I needed at this time in my evolution. Her astute understanding of what blocks to clear and her recorded guidance to clear them is so personally customized and profoundly powerful. I’m so happy they are available to me as needed because they are recorded and I can play them at any time. Thank you so much, Amy.”

Theo Cade

Author of "I Ching Version for Optimism"

“My session with Amy was one of the best healing sessions I have ever had! Amy has such a loving and calming energy that seeps into her work, which helped me relax immensely. She is a master in her field, which her work demonstrates. Amy cleared up blocks I didn’t even realize I had before the session started. If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life, especially if you are wanting to write a book, I highly suggest you book a healing session with Amy!”

Madalyn Hope

Spiritual Healer

Energy work is not a replacement for psychological support or intervention. This modality is not a medically proven way to heal the body.
* 1:1 sessions are 60 minutes in length
* Recorded Healing Meditations are 20-30 minutes in length (Note: recordings will be sent within 5-7 business days via Dropbox link. Clients have a week to download the recording for their continued use.)
*There is a no-refund policy. Sessions can be rescheduled if requested at least 24hours in advance of an appointment.

Spiritual Healing, Energy Work, What?

Some people understand and adore energy work. Others wonder if it’s powerful enough to summon lasting shifts into their life. I’d love to connect with you before you sign-up for a session or recording if you have any questions or concerns about this type of healing. Send me a quick email to get the conversation started.

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