Writing for Change

A Retreat for Women Who Want to Develop a Book for Radical Shifts

Living Forest Retreat Center, Costa Rica- January 28th-February 1st

Align your Passion

Your Writing

How could the world be different?

How could humans shift to
-ensure gender equality?
-create safe spaces for healing?
-easily support aging parents?

-encourage more women in politics?
-incorporate Ayurvedic practices in everyday life?
-transition women out of abusive relationships?

-connect more easily with the Divine?
-recognize racial injustice and opportunities for equity?
-integrate holistic healing practices before illness?
-lovingly treat trauma?
-reform standardized education?
-neutralize poverty?
-protect LGBTQ rights in all aspects of life?
-live in balance with animals?

Are you ready to organize and share your insights on any of these topics (or a totally different topic)?

Would you be willing to facilitate a (written) conversation about new norms?

Here’s a Quick Retreat Overview for Busy Ladies:

  • Experienced and new writers are invited to boldly adventure in Costa Rica for a 5-day, 4-night retreat focused on reconnecting with your inner message. Author, Book Coach, and Publisher, Amy R Brooks will facilitate group and individual sessions with time for daily reflection and revisions.
  • This is an ideal environment to birth creative content that is aligned with your mission, your authentic voice, and your higher purpose.

January 28th- February 1st

All-Inclusive Retreat (Overview)
Locally-sourced, whole food/plant-based meals
Lodging at Living Forest (5 days/4 nights)
Daily AM yoga
Morning & Afternoon group writing workshops
Daily Sacred Soul and VPP Alignments
60-minute full-body massage
Excursion to the 500 year old Arenal Ceiba Tree
(inspiration for Avatar’s “Tree of Life”)

Outing: drinks, dinner & dessert at 3 local restaurants
Full Moon Ceremony
Shuttle transfer to and from the airport to Living Forest

All-inclusive Retreat: $1,999

I was grateful I was able to take part in Amy’s writing retreat in July. I knew I love to write, but I actually didn’t have plans on writing a book. Little did I know, that suddenly during one of our morning workshops I realized that I too am to write a book. Due to Amy’s encouragement and knowledge about the whole process, I felt totally inspired and supported to commit to this creative endeavor. Thank you, Amy, you are pure magic!

Johanna Harmala

Writing WonderWoman

I attended Amy’s retreat in Costa Rica in July 2017. This was less than two months after I lost my fiancé in a tragic work accident. The retreat was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The days started with silent mornings filled with meditation, journaling, and yoga followed by intense group work. It was amazing and just what I needed. Amy helped me push through the grief fog I was experiencing and allow myself to feel and channel my thoughts in a safe, productive and supportive environment. The women attending were wonderful and, in them, I made new friends that I would never have met without Amy. Working with this group of awesome women set me on the right path for my book, which I am very excited about. Some of the most amazing moments were during our guided meditations led by Amy that followed with automatic writing. Huge breakthroughs! 

Amy is a truly gifted person. She alone was worth the trip. Add in some super fun excursions, BEAUTIFUL COSTA RICA, and her retreats are really a no-brainer. A true mind, body and soul healing experience. Do yourself a favor and GO!

Elyse Russell

Aspiring Author

Amy’s enthusiasm and skill set are a gift for anyone wishing to bring their book to life! She’s witty, sincere, and tough all at the same time – which makes her an awesome-ness coach! She has the ability to see every facet of creating – even when you don’t! Love her!

Marlene Campini

Memoirist in the Making

If you have no idea where to start, or how to make your book dream a reality, Amy is the best gift you can give yourself. Her workshops are well organized and packed with hands-on​ opportunities to do the work and receive the feedback you need to propel your book forward.

TaKisha August

Workshop Warrior

Amy has quietly held space for me as I navigate the writing waters…. her guidance and love show me so much power and grace in telling your story not just for your own healing but to heal others. Amy takes time to hear, to truly listen to the Heart in the story and the pain on the journey. She is, as a woman, daughter, friend, wife, Mother, Author, and Spiritual Divine Goddess being a force of creative nature and I am beyond grateful and blessed she shared her gift of words, guidance, and love with this world! My admiration for her clearly runs deep…. thank you, Amy, for honoring YOUR gifts! BIG gratitude and Reiki love to you, gorgeous girl!

Maggie Griffin

Rising Writer

“Hola, I’m Amy and I moved my entire family to Costa Rica last summer because I knew it was a magical place. Holding retreats here means that more people will be introduced to the “Pura Vida” existence I get to enjoy every day. Woot!
I know that each woman who attends this retreat will arrive with a unique set of skills and strengths. I will meet you where you are and take the time to get to know you so we can make your experience as tailor-made as possible. We are going to be focusing on writing a book that will change the world. Your inherent wisdom will be supported and developed. This brief, tropical escape will give you the space and the energy to connect with resources bigger than yourself!” 

As a group, we will work with together as listed below….

Saturday, January 27th

Recommendation– arrive in Costa Rica! Spend a day/night at the beach (only 15 mins from Liberia airport) and relax!

Sunday, January 28th

12 noon– transport pick-up from the airport or El Velero Hotel. Less than 2-hour drive to Living Forest Retreat Center

3pm check-in, explore our retreat center (accommodations, river, rainforest, or a cozy hammock), rest, read, get to know one another

6pm– opening dinner, welcome circle, and womb-healing ceremony

 Monday, Jan. 29- Thursday, Feb. 1st

6:30am: sunrise meditation and journaling

7:30am morning yoga

8:30am: local, freshly prepared breakfast

9am-2pm: writing workshops- group coaching, 1:1 support, pair work, and independent “burst” writing with a lunch break

2pm-6pm: free-time for resting, reading, individual exploring, guided excursions, massages, independent writing, and more

6pmhomemade, locally-sourced dinner 

7-8pm: evening session

Note: A closing ceremony on Thursday will wrap-up our structured group work by noon. The transport vehicle included in your retreat package will leave at 12:30pm on Thursday to take you to El Velero or the airport. 

“Don’t be afraid of your voice. We need to hear what answers are available. ALL the possible answers.
You have permission to be brazen, elated, or outraged.
There is NO limit to your leadership.” -Amy

I am Amy R Brooks. 
An Author, a Book Doula and Spiritual Activist

My purpose is to help women tune into their message for change with love and openness. Birthing your book is no small task, but when you are in community with others who are at the same stage it can make all the difference! Group work is so uplifting! My books are all about learning from other women, sharing spiritual practices, embracing authorship, and stepping out of shame and into power. Check out my books here!

Just so you know:

  • Taking the brave step to leave the routines of everyday life and travel to Costa Rica for dedicated writing time is a BIG DEAL. The Universe loves bold action and your bravery will be rewarded!
  • During our retreat, you will receive daily energy alignments so you can have a deeper understanding of your life purpose, your book’s message, and the “next right step” in your advocacy process. I’ll be there to help you interpret your guidance and translate it into book content. Everyone at Living Forest and I are a supportive team ready to help you all along the way!
  • For your book, you will develop your Anticipated Audience Profile, Table of Contents, Message for the Masses, and preliminary Marketing Map.

Here’s what you’ll get IN ADDITION to the retreat!

1.    Two, 40-minute pre-retreat Group Calls (January 15th & 20th) so you can get to know one another AND ask any questions that may be on your mind about the logistics of travel, expectations of the retreat, or anything that pops up! [$250 value]

2.    Two, 60-minute post-retreat Group Coaching Calls (Feb 10th & 17th) to share progress and cheer each other on. [$350 value]

3.    Facebook Sisterhood– Access to an intimate and exclusive FB group where I’ll be interacting with you before and after the retreat. You’ll find support, celebration, and feedback from other ladies as well. [priceless]


I’ll be there every step of the way to make sure you have…

-safe transport to the Living Forest Retreat Center from our recommended pre-retreat site: El Velero hotel
Note: It is highly recommended that you stay at El Velero hotel Saturday night. The hotel is only 20 minutes from the airport and steps from the Pacific Ocean and the warm sands of Playa Hermosa! 

-clean, peaceful accommodations at Living Forest to support your rest and relaxation

-easy writing tools and strategies that you can incorporate into everyday writing

Anticipated Audience Profile, Table of Contents, Message for the Masses, and preliminary Marketing Map.

-structured intuitive guidance to get words on the page

-a winner’s mindset to confidently own your message 

-an attitude of gratitude through meditation and yoga

-cuisine that will nourish your body AND energize you for focused creativity.

-breaks and a spiritual excursion that will refuel you AND inspire you.

-comprehensive information about every single step of the writing and publishing process 

-safe transport from the Living Forest Retreat Center back to El Velero hotel.  

“Every book I have written or published has been A CALL FOR CHANGE.
Everyone I’ve worked with has heard the call and actually answered!
The world is waiting for your fire, your rain, your contribution.” -Amy

Would you like to tell me about your writing goals or creative challenges before the retreat?

Your comfort level makes a HUGE difference in your ability to show up 100% during our time together.  Connecting with me beforehand may be a perfect way for you to feel at ease and open to the inspired writing I know you can enjoy!

Email me here, let’s talk!


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